What is BarGraders?

BarGraders is a comprehensive program designed by former California bar exam graders in conjunction with leading educators, which prepares you to take and beat the essays on the California bar exam. We are the only online solution that allows you to take and submit practice essay exams to former bar exam graders for grading and constructive feedback supported by patent-pending performance tracking technology.

Is BarGraders a general bar review course?

No. BarGraders is a supplemental course focused primarily on the essays. We teach you how to apply the black letter law that you learned in your general review course to the essays with insider analysis, tips and grading from people who have actually graded bar exam essays. View a Sample Graded Essay.  

Is BarGraders an MBE preparation course?

No. BarGraders focuses primarily on helping you prepare for and pass the essay portion of the bar exam. In many states, including California, the MBE score accounts for a small portion of the overall bar exam score. Yet, many examinees prepare harder for the MBE than the essays, which may attribute to the high failure rate in California. Don't forget the essays - practice, get meaningful feedback on your practice exams, and make sure you are on the right track to passing.

Who are your graders?

Our bar graders are all former California bar exam graders. For more information, read about OUR BAR GRADERS.

How are your graders different from a general bar review course?

While most general bar review courses use attorneys or former students to grade your essays, all of our graders are former California bar exam graders who have collectively graded tens of thousands of actual bar exam essays. Our bar graders have been trained and calibrated by the State Bar and have insight that cannot be matched by the general bar review courses. Don't rely on speculation, get an accurate gauge of your writing now.

What State Bar Exams does BarGraders cover?


I failed the Bar Exam, how can BarGraders help me?

If you are like most repeaters, you probably didn't fail because of your performance on the MBE, since you likely have a firm grasp of the black letter law. Rather, you probably failed because you performed poorly on the essays, which in states like California, are the bulk of your score. If this is you, re-taking a general bar review course may not be helpful. Rather, you need to focus on improving your essay writing skills while continuing to practice your MBEs. Here, at BarGraders, we provide a comprehensive system to prepare you to take and beat the essays through live workshops, practice essays and 1-on-1 sessions, all led by former California bar exam graders.

Do you teach IRAC?

Yes. IRAC is the basis for the entire bar exam, and it is an essential building block for your essay writing. Our Classes are designed to help you understand and use IRAC in all of your writing. For those who don't need our workshops or are already familiar with IRAC, our bar graders review and analyze your practice exams to ensure that you are properly applying IRAC for the bar exam. They give you insider information and tips to help improve your IRAC approach and techniques. They help identify weaknesses in your bar exam writing techniques, and give you meaningful and constructive feedback that is geared to help improve your scores. By the time the bar exam comes around, you will have been trained by the insiders who know what it takes to write passing essay answers. View a Sample Graded Essay.

I'm already enrolled in a general bar review course, an MBE course, and I have a bar tutor. Why do I need BarGraders?

General bar review courses are good for learning black letter law. In fact, most of our examinees do enroll in such courses. With the pass rate hovering around 50% in July and 35% in February, being enrolled in a general bar review course may not be enough. In addition to learning black letter law, passing the bar exam requires you to practice taking essays and MBE questions. At BarGraders, we make sure that the time you put into your practice essays counts. Our former bar graders review and grade your essay answers, and give you meaningful feedback and tips for improvement. Moreover, you can chart your progress with our patent pending technology, which allows you to identify subjects and essay writing techniques where you may be weak so you can focus your studying accordingly. View a Sample Graded Essay.

What's the best way to use BarGraders?

If you are serious about improving your essay writing, BarGraders has a program for you. Our programs combine Classes, Practice Essays and 1-on-Access to former bar exam graders. Begin with our Classes where our bar graders teach you the principle and basics of the essay. Then put what you learned in to practice with our Practice Essays, which you can take from work, home, the library or wherever you can get online. We provide you simulated test conditions for typing your essays, and your answers are graded within 72 hours. If you need more help, work directly with our bar graders with our 1-on-Access.

How can I tell if BarGraders is helping?

Our patent pending performance tracking technology keeps a record of all your submitted answers, grader feedback, and grades. You can track and chart your progress by subject or IRAC performance. You will be able to quickly identify your weakest subject areas and IRAC techniques so that you can focus your study time on improving on those areas rather than working on areas where you test the strongest. Your account is password protected and accessible from anywhere you can get online.

Do my tests expire?

Your tests will expire one year after the date of purchase.

Do I need to install additional software/plug-ins to use BarGraders?

No. There are no additional software or plug-ins that need to be installed in order to submit practice exams to the BarGraders system.  We do recommend using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for optimal performance.

How many questions are in your database?

Our database contains over 100 practice essays to help you prepare for the bar exam. Our database covers every subject tested on the California bar exam.

What if I run out of questions?

While we are always adding questions to our database, it is possible for a user to run out of new exam questions in a particular subject or overall. In the past, users in that situation have elected to reset their accounts to continue practicing on exams they've already seen.