How It Works

Our programs combine the knowledge of academic specialists with the practical experience of former California bar exam graders to help you develop the skills you need to pass the essays. All of our services provide you with the opportunity to work at your own pace and in an environment that maximizes your learning experience.

Practice is Essential

It is a common mistake to wait to practice writing essays and to assume bar essays are the same as law school essays. Just as learning the black letter law takes time, mastering the skills to write passing bar essays takes time. If you wait until you've memorized all of your outlines you may never have the time to hone the techniques needed to write passing essays. Bar essays are not the same as law school essays and the graders have very specific expectations about what must be addressed in the essays. BarGraders allows you to write practice essays online, under simulated testing conditions, and get personalized feedback and accurate grading from former California bar exam graders within 72 hours. With our patent-pending score-tracking technology you can assess your progress and redirect your efforts throughout the preparation period.

Recognizing What You Need to Do Differently is Important

If you are a repeat taker getting a fresh start is key. Avoid repeating your mistakes by getting straight feedback from someone who knows what the graders expect – one of our former bar graders. The feedback you receive from our former California bar exam graders will help you understand your strengths and pinpoint weaknesses in your writing style and approaches. Our former bar exam graders will also help you formulate a strategy to make the next bar exam your last. You will then be able to put this new strategy into action with our practice essays.

Master Writing for the Bar Exam

To maximize your ability to pass the bar exam, we offer repeat takers three live courses where our former Calfornia bar exam graders deliver academically sound and experience tested methods that will enable you to write effectively for the California bar exam. Our former California bar exam graders explain exactly how to approach, organize and write passing essays and performance tests. You will leave our courses ready to apply these methods to your practice essays and performance tests.