Law Firm Solution

Fact:The California bar exam is among the most difficult in the country with recent passage rates as low as 36%.
Fact:Even students from the top law schools in the country have trouble with the California bar exam with an average of 2 out of 10 applicants failing.
Fact:Essays matter most in California, accounting for 39% of the overall grade compared to 35% for the MBE and 26% for the Performance Exam.
Fact:Most other bar exam preparation programs do not adequately prepare their students to write passing essays on the bar exam.
Fact:An associate or lateral hire that fails the bar exam costs your firm money.


Protect your investment by providing your associates and lateral hires the right tools to pass the California bar exam.

Our unique Law Firm Solution is designed specifically for law firms with multiple associates taking the California bar exam. With a firm-wide subscription, firms can create multiple sub-accounts for their associates taking the bar exam, allowing those associates who need help on essays to get it. The Law Firm Solution also has built in tracking for your hiring committee to track the progress of your associates.

Practice Anywhere

Your associates complete practice essays under simulated testing conditions online, allowing them to prepare from any location.

Grading by the Experts

Former California bar exam graders review, grade and provide comprehensive, personalized feedback for each answer within 72 hours of submission.

Charting Progress

Associates can utilize our patent pending tracking tools to chart their progress and identify strengths and weaknesses by subject or by skill set.

Firm-wide Tracking

The hiring committee will be able to monitor the performance, productivity and progress of each of their associates to ensure that each associate is staying on track to pass the bar exam.