About BarGraders

BarGraders has helped students from most of the law schools in the nation pass the CA Bar Exam.  

Our value proposition is simple: former CA bar exam graders are in the position to give students an insider's approach to taking the essays.  We believe this is a competitive edge that has helped students from law schools nationwide use our services to pass the CA Bar Exam.

The written portion of the CA Bar Exam accounts for 65% of your score. If you want to pass the California bar exam, you simply cannot afford to score poorly on the essays.

BarGraders is a supplemental bar review course for the Essays. It offers a comprehensive program that helps you gain the competitive edge by developing and refining your essay writing skills for the bar exam. Our program is different because it allows you to benefit directly from our experience and knowledge as former California bar exam graders.

Despite diligent studying and knowledge of black letter law, often the biggest obstacle for most examinees who fail the bar exam is writing passing essay answers. We have designed our services to help you refine your approach to the essays, improve organizational skills, utilize IRAC and manage your time for the bar exam.

Our technology platform tracks your performance on a subject-by-subject basis and on each element of I-R-A-C.  With BarGraders, students are able to identify which elements of IRAC that require more focus and attention, as well as subjects that may need a bit more study time and subjects where they are strong, ultimately allowing students to optimize their study time on weaker skills and subjects.